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Design and construction
Geological and hydrogeological investigations
Rehabilitation and renovation works
Sand-streaming and corrosion protection

"Andika" Ltd. has
fulfilled requirements
according to ISO 9001:2000

 The company had fulfilled many projects trusted by investors like other companies specialized in different kinds of business(trading, entertainment, electric power supplying, film-making, etc.) as well as public assignments like renovating of parks, gardens and buildings which are monuments of culture in Sofia and in other Bulgarian cities.


List of Investors

      • UNDP in Bulgaria
      • Travel Bait
      • V&D Internacional Ltd.
      • Boyana Film Plc
      • TPP Sofia
      • TPP Plovdiv - North
      • HPP Pasarel
      • V&D Auto Ltd.
      • Project Beautiful Bulgaria - I, II, III, IV
      • Project Beautiful Sofia - II
      • Linkamp Ltd.
      • Digicom Ltd.
      • Ikspektis Ltd.
      • OK Supertrans
      • Institute for market economics
      • Pizza-restaurant Don Domat
      • DZI Bank
      • National Museum of nature
      • Institute of zoology
      • European bank for reconstruction and development
      • Sofia Auto

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